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‘In my Business and Management Consulting Practice, nothing is more important than to help you transform your business and your people. I offer a diverse range of consulting services* from new growth strategies to building organisational efficiencies, with motivated staff to support you and your company.’

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Frank Vos. A transformer of Business and People, Strategist, A Work in Progress, Author, Coffee addict and an unashamedly committed family man and human being.

In order to achieve success in business or in life, it is more important to know why you’re going than where.

Feel free to call Frank at 076 692 7675 and explore your own why.

About Us

Who better to assist you than someone that understands you because he has been there?

As a CEO, having wrestled for over two decades with the trials and tribulations that come with running a multi-national in South Africa, I realised that it was time to start anew. I love people and I love business. Thus I thought long and hard about how best I could help men and women like you and me – people that run and live their businesses, often at their own expense. I have been there. As a Business Consultant, Coach and mentor, I have found the perfect answer in how best to share my experience and learnings to support, strengthen and grow You and Your Business. If you feel stuck, need plain advise for a couple of hours per week or a full-on fresh look at your business, feel free to give me a call on 076 692 7675 and let’s discuss how best I can assist you and your company.

Let’s meet to discuss your operational needs and objectives.

Whether you are looking for growth, face problems within your organisation, just want to talk about your situation and bounce off some ideas, hone your management skills, need to put a proposal or business plan together, or just need straightforward business advice, I am ready to talk to you about solutions. Feel free to give me a call on 076 692 7675.
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For a caterpillar, a conventional growth strategy might well make for a larger caterpillar. At Vos Consulting we take a holistic approach to strategy to create a butterfly instead.

My experience shows that there is little chance of success for new business strategies if these are not underpinned and supported by a winning team.

My consulting services are tailor-made for medium to large companies in all spheres of industry. Be it retail, wholesale, manufacture, import or services. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, give me a call on 076 692 7675. Let’s talk solutions.

  • Is your business stagnating?
  • Are you working more and more instead of less?
  • Are you losing good staff?
  • Is your organisation becoming less efficient?
  • Struggling to see or capitalise on new business opportunities?
  • Are you becoming more and more frustrated? Stressed?
  • Do you need objective advice on delicate business matters, HR or otherwise?

Let’s Connect


Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting focuses strongly on devising and implementing solutions to strengthen:

  • Organisational Efficiencies (i.e. processes and procedures),
  • Organisational Structures (i.e. management layers, areas of accountability and responsibility, kpi’s),
  • HR practices (i.e recruitment, performance reviews, job descriptions, non-performance)

Of course, Client-specific organisational/hr challenges can be addressed as a stand-alone assignment.

Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting focuses strongly on devising and implementing strategic solutions to:

  • Grow Revenue
  • Strengthen profitability
  • Build foundations for sustainability
  • Deal with a hostile market environment
  • Identify new business opportunities

Of course, Client-specific performance issues can be addressed as a stand-alone assignment.

My General Consulting Services

  • To facilitate Brainstorm sessions
  • To be a Sounding board to bounce off your ideas
  • To provide Interim Management Services
  • To Research specific subjects
  • To offer general Business Advice


Consulting is about understanding and understanding.

Diverse Clientele

I am proud to be associated with past and current clients that are active in industries as diverse as Medical Services (Radiology, Practice Management Software), Fashion retail, Engineering, Domestic Appliance Import and Retail, Contract Cleaning, Agricultural Risk Management, Motor Cycles and IT based services.

Feel free to call me on 076 692 7675 and explore how best I can assist you in your business.

Read what my clients have to say


Mr Jimmy Nicolaou

General Manager e-MD
Medical Practice Management Software and Risk management. (Over 100 employees)

“I find Frank to be professional in his approach. Frank analysed our company very quickly and provided us with the correctly channelled advice that benefitted us immensely in a short period of time… His guidance and input to our company is very evident when I see how much better our staff all interact with each other and the positive output the company gets from that… Frank educated us about best practices and taught our managers to take charge of a situation and manage their departments efficiently…”


Professor Leonie Scholtz

Senior Partner
Scholtz and Partners Radiologists: (Over 200 employees)

“He played a pivotal role in changing the face of our management team and he helped to implement changes that streamlined the whole operational structure of our practice… His knowledge regarding human resources and personnel issues is remarkable. He is extremely practical and insightful but at the same time respectful when it comes to personnel matters. Our practice has benefitted enormously from his involvement.”


Kris Kibble

Managing Director
IRP Engineering Plastics: (over 50 employees)

“Frank often introduced a different dynamic and mind-set to our business issues and matters which challenged our management team to think differently and ultimately steer us to gain a positive result. My business partners, sales teams and I have gained a wealth of knowledge from Frank…”


Matt Simpkins

MD LivClean (Pty) Ltd
Contract Cleaning (over 1000 employees)

“We gave Frank the assignment of formulating a Growth Strategy for our business. His approach was very focused on the outcome we desired and he went the extra mile in achieving this. He spent many hours with senior Directors to understand the nuances of our business and how that would effect our Growth Strategy. Along the way he gave particularly good insight into emotional intelligence facets of our business and this has proved valuable…


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