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Beyond Burnout

It’s common knowledge that stress is a silent killer and
burn-out more than just a warning shot across the bow.
Yet, the inability of a leader to recognise, acknowledge and
manage stress remains very much a taboo, with catastrophic
consequence for his company, career and life.

The author introduces the reader to the ravaging, yet
often undetected causes and side effects of stress through
a brutally honest recount of how his career as CEO of a
subsidiary of a multinational abruptly ended after two
decades, leaving him shattered and without identity.

He shares his experiences of having been pulled back from
the brink of a complete melt-down by a close friend and
coach, who takes him on a journey of recovery and personal
growth. The book offers practical advice to those who are
consumed by stress and find it increasingly difficult to find
fulfilment in their jobs and happiness in their lives.

The authenticity of Beyond Burnout will reverberate with
many a leader today whose world has suddenly been
turned upside down by the arrival of Covid 19.

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